Manual Cars VS Automatic Cars

Manual Cars VS Automatic Cars

A working transmission is responsible for the change from one gear to another when your vehicle moves from one point to the other. The transmission works in such a way that it transfers power from the engine to the drive axle in the most proficient way possible. It does this by varying the gear ratio for instance in lower gears, the available power is increased and the speed of the vehicle is reduced. The opposite action occurs in a higher gear in which the power is reduced and speed is increased. The manual car vs. automatic car debate is one that has been on for a while but a consensus is yet to be reached on which is better.

The answer to this question simply lies in the preference of each individual. After all, both transmissions have their own exclusive benefit and shortcoming and where one may experience perfection the other might not. So before you make any judgment regarding where you stand on the transmission debate, here are few benefits associated with the different types of transmission.


The manual car makes use of a manual transmission where the clutch and the gear are controlled independently at the same time by the driver. The manual car is suitable for drivers who prefer to be involved in the inner workings of their vehicle. The transmission in the manual cars is designed to delegate the changing of gears back to the driver. Manual cars have been in existence for a long time, yet many drivers still prefer to use them due to the fact that they are;

  • CHEAP TO PURCHASE: In the years past, car with manual transmission cost less than one with an automatic transmission of the same model. Recently, some cars have both the manual transmission and the automatic transmission sold at equal or almost the same price.
  • CHEAPER MAINTENANCE: Due to the reduced sophistication of the machines used in manual transmission cars, they are requiring cheap maintenance, when compared to their automatic counterpart. Manual transmission cars require very little maintenance and generally, maintenance and repairs end up being considerably less expensive.
  • SUPERIOR FUEL EFFICIENCY: overall, manual transmission car engines are less intricate, weigh less and have more gears than the automatic transmission cars. This could only result in you getting more gas mileage from your manual car than the automatic car.


Unlike the manual cars, the change in gear in connection to the gear is more automatic. The clutch is incorporated in the gear and the driver requires less effort when changing gears. The automatic transmission car is more popular and widely used than its predecessor, although they are not necessarily a better choice for many drivers. However, the automatic transmission car offer certain benefits over the manual transmission in key areas and they include;

  • EASE OF USE: Although changing the gears and working a clutch might seem less complicated. It still requires a bit of practice before most drivers are familiar too with using each of their limbs independently to control a manual transmission vehicle. The automatic transmission is very much simpler and takes the driver little or no time to learn.
  • MANUAL RESTRICTION: The safest way of driving is that both hands are expected to be firmly on the wheel at all times. This is achievable when driving an automatic transmission car but it is quite difficult to do when driving a manual transmission car.
  • BETTER FOR INCLINED ROADS: Navigating a manual transmission car on steep inclines tends to be more difficult for an inexperienced driver but automatic transmission takes care of this issue. The automatic transmission allows your car to operate efficiently no matter how steep the hill might be.
  • EASE OF USE IN DENSE TRAFFIC: An ample amount effort is needed when accelerating, decelerating and stopping manual transmission. This might seem easy on a road with less traffic but difficult and strenuous on road with heavy traffic. The automatic transmission allows the driver to move through heavy traffic without having to do more than pushing the accelerator or brakes.
    Basically, the manual transmission and the automatic transmission car have their advantages and disadvantages such as ease of use and cost of purchase. The mobility of an individual is of great importance and it is solely their choice to determine how to go about it.