Creative Places to Hide Marijuana in Your Car

Creative Places to Hide Marijuana in Your Car

It is illegal to drive while intoxicated under the influence of marijuana, and we would never suggest breaking the law. However, as often is the case, you may be giving a friend a ride, or have children who ride with you regularly. In cases like these, it’s not ideal to have your marijuana anywhere accessible or visible. A glove box, compartment, or trunk won’t cut it. In this article, we take a look at some of the most creative ways to hide medical marijuana in your car.

The Double Cup

Paper cups, for coffee or pop, are commonly found in cars. In many cases, since these cups have no insulative properties, and are often flimsy, they come double layered. If they have liquid in them, no one is going to think of looking in the bottom cup.
Though paper cups are often waxed over time they fall apart, so to make a long-lasting stash, spray the inside of the top cup with a sealant before filling it. You may not be able to drink from it, but you have a near perfect stash. Also, Coffee works excellent – because no one will ask why you aren’t drinking it after it went cold. Also, the smell will mask both the cannabis and the sealant.

In the Horn

In many vehicles, the panel covering the horn can be popped off and has a bit of space where you can keep a tidy stash. An advantage of using the horn is that since you’re at the wheel, no one can accidentally pop it out – or get curious. Of course, this also means your stash isn’t accessible when driving, so that is a bonus too!

Under the Hood

There are dozens of tiny areas inside the hood, where you can hide your stash. Be it in the antifreeze or window washer reserve, or in one of the pockets of electrical wires, unless you are showing off your engine, there’s no reason for your friends to look under the hood. Even if the hood is popped, you have plenty of spacious, out of sight, options.

Fake Amp

The use of a dummy amp for a vehicle’s stereo has begun growing in popularity. Hidden in plain sight, fake amps often have wires leading to and from them. These cables aren’t usually connected to anything, though some will run them through the dummy amp- and into the real one. Others use the live wire to turn their dummy amp into a burn box. Opening it incorrectly, or flipping a switch, will incinerate the contents.

In the Tire

Often, under the spare tire, in its well, is enough. Children may play on it, but they won’t try to lift it, and unless you get a flat, your friends won’t take a second look at it. Alternatively, centre caps and lug nut caps are a great place to hide your stash outside the car. One problem with using lug nut caps though is that since your wheel spins, unless you have a way of marking which one you’ve hidden your stash in, you may find yourself checking them all.