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Bad Habits that could Damage Your Car

A car is a major investment and as a car owner, it’s your responsibility to keep it running for as long as possible. Of course, just like everything in life, a car breaks down at some point usually due to everyday wear and tear. But did you know that certain bad habits can shorten the lifespan of your car? Here are some of the most common mistakes that are damaging your vehicle:

You Don’t Use the Parking Brake

Engaging the parking brake is important because the weight of your car will be concentrated on the parking prawl if you don’t. The parking prawl is a tiny piece of metal fitted in the transmission. Unless the load is evened out, the extra weight will eventually break the parking prawl and that requires costly repairs.

You’re Always Low on Fuel

Do not wait until the fuel gauge goes red before giving your car a refill. Keeping your fuel tank full will extend the life of your fuel system. The fuel pumps have to be submerged in the fuel to keep them cool. By keeping the fuel level up, the fuel pumps stay nice and cool, eliminating the need for constant fuel pump replacement.

Accelerating Too Quickly

It’s tempting to flick the shifter to accelerate when the coast is clear but don’t. Changing directions suddenly causes damage to the drivetrain, transmission system, and the axle. Our advice is to stop completely before shifting to a different direction.

Revving the Engine during Warm Up

Warming the engine is a long-held tradition, a must to keep the engine running smoothly before a trip. Warm up helps circulate the engine oil and tune the engine block. But, do not shorten the warm up process by revving the engine because this will cause sudden change in the temperature, which will stress the smaller components of the engine.

Hard Acceleration

Most car owners love the idea of going full throttle whenever the situation presents itself but know better. Mashing on the brakes does more than burn more fuel, the weight of the car will be shifted suddenly to the drivetrain, causing brake pad and rotors damage.

Mashing the Clutch

Do you keep the clutch pushed to the floor to move several inches as the traffic moves? You could be wearing out your release bearing, release arm, and pressure plate each time you abuse the clutch. Pushing the clutch to the floor when you’ve stopped causes the components to scrape against each other, damaging the release bearing and pressure plate. Instead of hitting the clutch, go on neutral before stepping on the clutch.

Packing Unnecessary Junk Inside the Car

Yes, filling the trunk to the brim with junk is bad for your car but how? The heavier the car is, the more stress is placed on the suspension, brakes, and drivetrain. In addition, a heavy load requires more fuel to move. Our advice is to clean out your car, remove all unnecessary junk and sticking to the essentials especially for short trips.

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