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Save More Fuel While You Drive with These Tips

What’s the one thing that all car owners have in common? We just want to save more money on fuel, man. Unfortunately, spending cash on gas is inevitable especially if you drive a lot, that’s a fact. Still, did you know that there are ways to spend less on gas and maximize your fuel? Here are practical ways to squeeze every last drop of fuel out of that tank:

Keep Calm

No, this tip is not based on a meme, being calm as you drive can make your fuel last longer. How? When driving calmly, you don’t step on the brakes all the time and when you take it easy on the brake, you spend less time slowing down and speeding up. To save more gas, we’d recommend maintaining a constant speed throughout your trip. Do this often and your car will be less thirsty after every trip, try it!

Accelerate Slowly

If you’re committed to spending less money on gas, you’ll love this trick: go easy on the acceleration. It’s tempting to crank up the speed as you drive especially on the freeway but acceleration comes at a price, which is more fuel. Accelerate slowly on the road so the engine will demand less fuel. If you’re driving from one stop light to the next and the traffic light is about to go red, we suggest braking gently the rest of the way to reduce fuel consumption.

Cruising Speed

Do you use cruise control often? Most cars come with this handy feature and we think it’s about time you maximize it to spend less cash on gas. If you can’t help but constantly speed up and slow down while you drive, use the cruise control to control your RPMs.

You know that your RPMs will drop when you lower your cruising speed, right? That means if you are driving slower than your average 120 km/h, your car will demand less fuel without noticeable changes in your driving time. Of course, do not depend on cruise control all the time. If you’re driving down a steep hill and your car is starting to down shift, hit the engine brake. Also, always be ready to cancel the cruise control and take over the speed whenever needed.

Keep Your Distance

Even when you’re driving on a very busy street, try to keep a large distance between your car and the vehicle in front of you. This way, you don’t have to hit the brake constantly every time the other car hits the brake. By keeping your distance, it’s much easier to maintain a constant speed and that will translate to more money saved on fuel.

Turn Off the Air Conditioning

If it’s a chilly night and you don’t mind letting the interiors breathe a little while you drive, why not turn off the air conditioning and open the windows? Sure, opening the windows will cause more drag and slow your car down a bit but you’ll save a lot of money if you turn off the air conditioning every now and then. We recommend this trick at night during short trips!

Plan Ahead

When it comes to saving money on trips, nothing beats planning ahead. If you want to use less gas as you drive, we highly recommend planning all your errands on a single trip. This may be impractical at times but your wallet will thank you for it, we promise. It also helps if you check the traffic situation of a certain place before your trip and choose weekdays instead of weekends to do all your errands so you won’t be stuck in traffic, bleeding money away in an awfully busy street.

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