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How to Preserve Your Car Shine for Longer

So you just waxed your car and your beloved vehicle is sitting pretty in the garage, dazzling onlookers with its showroom shine. But let’s face it, all cars are almost always exposed to the elements and that can reduce the life of your car wax, leading to a dull and potentially damaged paintjob. How do you maintain your just-waxed car’s fabulous shine for longer? You can start by avoiding these major offenders:

Extended Sun Exposure

The sun’s ultraviolet rays combined with general heat could wreak havoc to your car’s finish. This goes especially if you applied the wax when the car’s surface is hot. When you take your just-waxed car out for a drive on a particularly hot day, the wax will start breaking down and evaporate, leaving the paint completely vulnerable to the elements!

Sun exposure is out of your hands especially if you need to take long drives on the daily. Our advice is to take more steps in ensuring that your car is protected from direct sunlight when it’s not in use. That includes parking your car in a shaded area, using a car cover when you don’t have a garage, washing your car regularly to get rid of contaminants and investing on high-quality auto paint protection film kits to protect the paint job.

Improper Wax Application

Did you know that improper wax application could cause superficial scratches to the car’s paint job? Over time, these scratches allow corrosion to set in, costing you thousands of dollars on expensive repairs! It’s important to prep your car properly before waxing it to ensure a brilliant shine!

Prepping your car for waxing involves washing the exterior properly to remove contaminants that may scratch the surface and damage the finish. Contaminants may also affect the adherence of any product applied on the car’s exterior, reducing its life in the process. In addition to proper wax application, give the product enough bond time to achieve a glorious shine that lasts.

Wrong Product Choice

Choosing the wrong product could be detrimental to the paint job’s overall finish and longevity. High gloss waxes may seem like the best choice to achieve a showroom shine but the high gleam will not last for long. Paint sealant will last longer than high gloss waxes but the shine will be duller. Our advice is to layer your waxes to achieve a durable and glossy shine that lasts.

Constant Car Cleaning

It’s tempting to clean your car after every trip especially if you live in a place that gets dusty or the terrain’s always muddy but hold off the car cleaning unless it’s needed. Why? Constant cleaning may thin out your car’s paint job because the chemicals from the cleaning agents will strip a layer of carnauba wax. Limit the car wash to one or twice every month if you could. Even better, consult an expert to know when the best time to give your car a thorough wash is.


Contaminants are inevitable that’s why it’s critical to protect your car finish from these pollutants. Bird droppings, dust, tree sap, and road debris will shorten the lifespan of the wax and even damage the paint job. Our advice is to remove and reapply a protective product on your car exterior using a detail spray. Don’t just pile the product on every time you’re reapplying.

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